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Riding Lessons
* There is a charge per mile 

​1 Hour Horse Lesson $50.00 

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Horse lessons.

Horse and Tack provided (excluding outfit, and helmet.)

Includes: ​


* Introduction to horse and rider

* Education on horses, haltering,  grooming equipment, and tack

*  Leading the horse

* First ride starts bareback/ Get to this point


*Introduction to horse and rider

* Show where the tack is

* Background on horse and a rope halter/ nylon halter

* Groom the horse and try to tell me what the items are. 

* Tack up the horse

* Leading the horse

*Take Tack off, and mount horse for bareback lesson

* Trail rides


* Show where tack is. 

* Pick halter

* Catch horse

* Tie up horse

* Groom horse

* Tack horse

* Lead Horse

* Bareback 

* Cattle Sorting (extra) 

*Omoksee (Extra)

* Trail Rides (Longer ride time)

* Camping with horse (Extra Money)

1 Hour Lesson with Own Horse $45.00


*Same as above, just less for me not hauling over* 

*You should have all your own tack, but I can help with saddle fitting, vet, etc. for new horse owners at extra costs*

1 Hour Fundamentals Lesson GROUNDWORK ONLY $50.00

*Start to learn Clinton Andersons Fundamentals

-Round penning

-Desensitizing to the lead rope

- Desensitizing to the stick and string

- Yielding the Hindquarters, stage 1 and stage 2

- Backing up

-yielding the forequarters

- Lunging for Respect Stage 1

- Flexing the head and neck

- sending exercise

-Circle Driving

-Lunging for respect Stage 2

-Leading Beside

-Slap and walk

-Helicopter exercise 

- Head shy exercises 

* Preparation for riding. 

Flexing at standstill

One rein stops

Cruising lessons

Following the fence or rail

Diagonals & More




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