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Image by Seyedeh Hamideh Kazemi

Holy Toledo Adventures

Hello everyone! Welcome to Toledo's Page. We just run it! Toledo loves to dress up and has decided he wants to start his own business dressing up for any sort of special occasion! Toledo can also go as a horse of course. We are willing to travel up to a couple hours. Check out our facebook page and message us today at Holy Toledo’s Dress-up Adventures | Facebook

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Corporate Events

Looking for some extra culture in the workplace? What about National Horse Day? Or bring your Horse to Work Day? Have an exciting event to plan that they love horses? TOLDEO LOVES IT ALL


Birthday Parties

As kids, all we want is a unicorn, a dinosaur, an alien, race cars, or just a normal horse! Toledo loves to dress up and can almost do it all. For $130.00 Toledo can dress up and entertain your kids for an hour or adults!

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Special Events

Toledo does parades, Nursing homes, corporate events, parties, 1-time-

  Horse Lessons, Kids Lessons and more!  Let him bring a smile to your face today!

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