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The Mielke's

Meet Chelsey and Matthew Mielke. Pronounced (Milky). They met in Collage at Fort Lewis in Durango, Colorado. Chelsey brought her knowledge of horses from Colorado, where she was born and raised. She Met Matt at the gym, and from there, they got along due to their adventurous nature and hard work. They got married at the original Mielke homestead here in Hartford, SD and have been together for over 8 years. Matt is a full-time electrician but takes part in the business in his spare time, as he has a passion for animals and helping others. 

  As like everyone, people go through a series of challenges. Chelsey realized that her heart was not really in the right place unless she was involved in something that took part in helping others.

Therefore, Mielke Performance came about where horses could develop a bond with humans to save them, bring them on new adventures, and teach them about what they can do, instead of what they cannot. Therefore, Mielke Performance Horses wants you to bond and create a relationship with your horse. Together the two of you can do lessons, groundwork, and accomplish many things TOGETHER.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


Story to come..

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