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Mielke Performance Horses LLC

EST 2021



Get to Know Us

With over 12 years in the horse Industry, Chelsey Mielke is able to offer her services from Colorado, to Hartford, South Dakota, with the help of her husband Matt Mielke, and the original Mielke Homestead. Chelsey and Matt built Mielke Performance Horses from a dream with blood, sweat, and tears.


They want horses to perform on the trail, in lessons, and in day-to-day disciplines with their rider. With many different disciplines, not all horses are going to learn the same. Different methods taught from different mentors over the years is how Chelsey has brought together the philosophy of not only training horses, but the relationship of the horse and the rider for a stress-free ride.


At Mielke Performance Horses we know that a strong relationship between the rider and their horses keep building overtime. We want to help you start developing a relationship in more than one way with different methods that work for you and your horse. As a trainer we adapt to a horse's needs, we want to bring them comfort, easier learning, partnerships and trust. 


Mielke Performance Horses LLC

46477 266th Street, Hartford SD, 57033

(720) 810 - 2723

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